I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in ECE at University of Washington, interested in Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, and Deep Learning. At UW, I am a research assistant at IPL advised by Prof. Jenq-Neng Hwang. I received my M.S. Degree in EE at Columbia University in 2018. At Columbia, I was a member of DVMM Lab, advised by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang and Liangliang Cao.

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What's New?

03/04/2021 Ph.D. General Exam passed.

02/06/2021 The extended journal version of the RODNet paper is accepted by IEEE J-STSP. [Early Access] [ArXiv]

12/20/2020 We are organizing the ROD2021 Challenge at ACM ICMR 2021. Welcome to partipate! [Website] [Poster]

11/01/2020 Our paper about Radar Object Detection (RODNet) is accepted by WACV 2021. [PDF] [CODE] [DATASET]

08/26/2020 Our paper about Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking of Vehicles (MTMCT) is accepted as Oral by ACM MultiMedia 2020. [PDF]

06/11/2020 We get the winner of Track 3 (multi-object tracking and segmentation in KITTI-MOTS and MOTS20 dataset with public detection) and the runner-up of Track 2 (multi-object detection, tracking and segmentation in KITTI-MOTS dataset) in the 5th BMTT Challenge at CVPR 2020. [More]

10/21/2019 Our papers Obj3DLoc (Long Oral) and TNT (Short Oral) are accepted by ACM MultiMedia 2019.

06/14/2018 I start my Ph.D. at University of Washington, advised by Prof. Jenq-Neng Hwang at Information Processing Lab (IPL).

03/05/2018 I start being a full-time Software Engineer at HelloVera.AI, working with James Fan and Liangliang Cao.

09/28/2017 Our CDC demo website entitled Temporal Action Localization in Videos is presented at NYC Media Lab 2017, The New School.

01/09/2017 I start TA for E6894 Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Speech, and Language, instructed by Liangliang Cao, Xiaodong Cui and Kapil Thadani.

01/09/2017 I start my research work at DVMM Lab, Columbia University, advised by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang.

12/19/2016 I start my winter intern at Ngineered Studio, focusing on Face Recognition Anti-Spoofing.

08/29/2016 I start Graduate study at Columbia University in the City of New York.